Club Name: Club Home Brew
Hometown: South Burlington, Vermont USA

WHAT:  A place for homebrewers to create recipes, record the process of their brews, and share comments with each other.


WHERE:  Beer knows no boundaries. 


WHY:  When trying to find beer calculators combined with a social network related to home brewing, I had a difficult time.  I found this free script that hopefully I can add to.  I brewed often from 2008-2011 and had about 75 recipes on here.  Sadly I lost my database and had no backup, and am starting fresh in May of 2016.


WHO:  Anybody that loves or thinks they might love homebrewing.  Contact us here to signup!


FAQ: (kind of in order of popularity)


Q. Is it less expensive to make my own beer?

A.  It can be.    A 5 gallon batch will make about 48-55 12oz bottles.  The ingredients for that could be anywhere from $18-$45.  So potentially, yes.  Equipment is not expensive.  It's around $100 to get started and you will eventually spend more.  I have about $1500 in equipment.  If you just want to save money, this is not a place to do it.  If you want the rewarding experience of making and creating your own hand crafted homebrew, then welcome to the addiction..I mean hobby.

How long does it take?

A.  Extract brewing can be as quick as 2 hours.  All grain can be as long as 6 hours.   Then the beer must ferment and age.  This can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a year, but those are both extreme cases.  If you bottle your homebrew, plan on it taking about 6 weeks.  If you keg, 3 weeks.  If you brew every other weekend, you will soon have quite a bit of beer on your hands.


What kind of beer can I make?

A.  There is no limit here.  I have many clone recipes on this site and many more if you'd like to contact me.

How much will I  get and what do I store it in?

A.  You will probably start off doing 5 gallon batches.  This will result in 48-55 12 oz bottles, 22-27 22oz bottles,  3 tap-a-drafts, 1 corny keg, or a combination of all of the above.

Is it hard?

A.  Nah.  Check out HomeBrewTalk


Where can I buy equipment and ingredients?

A.  MidWest Supplies and Northern Brewer are great.